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410 Allegheny Drive
Colorado Springs

Breathtaking beauty, attention to detail, precision of halacha (Jewish law). All these elements have gone into making Mikvah Mei Menachem of Boulder a beautiful, inviting and comfortable mikvah.
This Mikvah was started out of a community wide interest in building a Jewish neighborhood, or shtetl. Central to Judaism and thus central to this concept of a neighborhood is the presence of a Mikvah.
Mikvah Mei Menachem is located in the heart of the southern Boulder Jewish neighborhood – but is used and loved by Jews throughout Boulder. We hope this is but the first mikvah built for Boulder’s growing and thriving Jewish community. And if you are just visiting in Boulder please call us for a tour.

909 14th Street

The Mikvah of East Denver (MOED) is an inclusive, kosher, and welcoming mikvah open to individuals from all streams of Judaism.

303-320-MOED (6633)
290 South Leyden St.

The Mikvah of Denver, also called the Westside Mikvah has a long and venerable history. The Mikvah was moved from behind the building housing the Historic Lake Steam Baths (still in operation after almost 100 years) to its present location at 1404 Quitman Street, Denver, Colorado 80204 in the mid-1960s.

1404 Quitman St.
Temple Shalom Colorado Springs owns and maintains a mikvah near the synagogue.

Through the generosity of Louise & Mel Eskanos, Temple Shalom has its own mikvah! While many people may be unfamiliar with a mikvah, this ritual bath is an important and exciting benefit to Temple Shalom members. A mikvah looks similar to a small swimming pool, however, there are many laws, customs and traditions associated with it. The mikvah has several purposes and has been an integral part of Jewish practice for thousands of years.

There are three basic areas where immersion in a mikvah is prescribed by Jewish tradition:

Immersion for women after menstruation so that she and her husband may have intimate relations again.
Immersion as an aspect of conversion to Judaism.
Immersions of pots, dishes and other eating utensils to render them “Kosher.”
Previously, the closest available mikvah for our use was in Denver. This was extremely inconvenient for those who used the mikvah on a regular basis or who were undergoing conversion to Judaism. While it is uncommon for a non-orthodox synagogue to own its own mikvah, there is a growing interest among progressive and liberal Jews throughout the country to begin to incorporate the mikvah experience into their Jewish practice. What a wonderful mitzvah! Our congregation is grateful and has been blessed by the generosity of the Louise and Mel Eskanos.

Temple Shalom’s mikvah is available for congregational use. If you would like more information about incorporating the mikvah into your life or would like to schedule a visit, contact the Temple Shalom Office.

1523 E Monument Street
Colorado Springs

Our Mikvah complex features:

A spa-like women’s mikvah, equipped with three luxurious preparation rooms, offering women an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. Spacious rooms, warm lighting and Jacuzzi bathtubs enhance the pleasurable experience.
A men’s mikvah; and
A mikvah for the immersion of vessels.

9550 E. Belleview Ave.
Greenwood Village